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Platforms for Enabling Growth

For investors, we offer opportunities to enjoy higher than comparable market returns on your investments, for periods ranging from below 3 months to as long as 3 years. The returns, combined with the ability to start small and increase investments over time, help you diversify your portfolio.

For borrowers, we are your partners in driving your exponential revenue and profit growth, without having to compromise on your cash flow or the cost of working capital.

Our platform, UpCap, an enterprise grade application is secure, scalable and responsive, allowing investors and borrowers to transact seamlessly.

Our operations and UpCap are backed by the industry experience of an exceptional and talented team with deep practical insights. The Financial Insight Ventures team possesses rich expertise across finance and technology, having advised, designed and operationalized financial operations across small, medium and large enterprises and their ecosystems.

The Financial Insight Ventures team

has over 150 person-years' experience in Finance and Technology


We understand that one size cannot fit all. Our offerings are curated based on a diverse set of requirements, and will span investment models such as Invoice Discounting, Revenue Based Financing and Asset Backed Financing

Please register on the UpCap platform to learn how these models can help you build a well-diversified portfolio.

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Bengaluru is the technology capital of India, if not Asia. The vibrant city with its immense pool of financial and technical talent is ideal for our headquarters. Our office is located in the heart of Bengaluru's Central Business District.

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